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About GAIA Natural Cleaners

I am a wife, mother, health educator, and entrepreneur.

My family is my life, and after our children, Ella, Nolan and Brody were born our priorities would be immediately and forever changed. Our energy and goals would become focused upon answering this question; "what kind of world do we want to leave behind for our kids... and their kids?" I became more conscious of the quality and safety of the food and household items I brought into the home - and it wasn't long before I realized that I could not find cleaning products that I felt were safe or natural enough to use in our home. The available products were loaded with unsafe chemicals, synthetically manufactured fragrances, and overall formulations that showed a general disregard for the environment.

That's when I decided to make a change....

With my background in health promotion and my husband's experience as a biochemist, we were able to create products that were safe, natural AND more effective than anything we could find on the market. After years of perfecting formulations and using these cleaners, detergents and soaps in our own home, we decided to bring the GAIA line of products to the market to be able to share them with you and your family. Learn more about the natural INGREDIENTS we use to create our safe and highly effective GAIA lineup! I sincerely hope you enjoy using our products and that they provide you with the much needed peace of mind, knowing that you are providing a clean, safe environment for your loved ones.

We CAN make a difference one household at a time!

Karen Troutt
Founder & CEO

Mama Knows What it Means to Clean Green